A Midsummer Art Event

The first BGB was held on June 24th 2006 in Sara’s shared tenement back green. BGB’06 featured artwork from 20 artists, who produced art in a variety of media including film, installation and performance; the event was broadcast live by the artist Martin Vincent. A handy handout was distributed containing the “Planting Instructions for Back Garden Biennale Flowering”, written by Benjamin Newell. Visitors and artists relaxed and the BGB blossomed.

Beagles & Ramsay, Jo Craig, Derek Sutherland, Rabiya Choudhry, Carol Le Lievre, Duncan MacGregor, Laura Cresser, Morag Dewar, Margaret McCormick, Lorraine Ross, Laura Sutherland, Louise K Frazer, Linda Murry, Paulina Sandberg, Ayaka Okutsu, Vintage 909, Linda Matheson, Petra Pennington, Benjamin Newell, Greggory Bradford, Martin Vincent

Promo Video 2006, 2 mins 18 seconds

Video 2006, 2 mins 18 seconds

Planting Instructions
Back Garden Biennale Flowering

This artist starter kit contains everything you need to grow your own artist from seed. The kit contains 80 Mixed Small Artistry seeds, canvas with added screens, sounds and painted surfaces to give that extra boost during germination.

Easy to follow instructions

Sow the artists indoors from January to June. Empty the necessary characteristics into the tray and moisten. DO NOT OVERINDULGE. Sow the artists 1/8inch (3mm) deep and place the propagator lid onto the artistry tray. Locate in a warm dark place (preferably not Venice) at temperature of 13-18 Celsius. Check daily to ensure the artist is moist. As soon as the artists appear, relocate to a warm windowsill out of direct critical theory at a temperature of approx the temperature of Prague in summertime. Check the artist daily ensuring moisture and remove any ego that appears on the propagator lid. Ensure the artists are kept moist at all times.


Artists can be transplanted into individuals or groups when they are large enough to handle. Try and ease the artists out carefully without damaging their talent. In May-early June, when risk of all critical backlash has gone, harden off the artists by leaving them outdoors during the day with only a pencil for comfort and bring in at night for one or if they’re good, two weeks. Once acclimatised to the outdoors your artists can be transplanted to the desired location in the Back Garden Biennale.


Remove dead artists regularly to prolong artistry and protect from men in silk white suits.

Benjamin Newell, 2006