BGB: 2006
The first BGB was held on June 24th 2006 in Sara’s shared tenement back green. BGB’06 featured artwork from 20 artists, who produced art in a variety of media including film, installation and performance; the event was broadcast live by the artist Martin Vincent. A handy handout was distributed containing the “Planting Instructions for Back Garden Biennale Flowering”, written by Benjamin Newell. Visitors and artists relaxed and the BGB blossomed.


Beagles & Ramsay
Jo Craig
Derek Sutherland
Rabiya Choudhry
Carol Le Lievre
Duncan MacGregor

Laura Cresser
Morag Dewar
Margaret McCormick
Lorraine Ross
Laura Sutherland

Louise K Frazer
Linda Murry
Paulina Sandberg
Ayaka Okutsu
Vintage 909
Petra Pennington
Benjamin Newell
Greggory Bradford

Martin Vincent