About BGB

The Back Garden Biennale (BGB) is the creation of Sara Monaghan, an Edinburgh-based artist who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007 with a Masters in Fine Art. Sara’s aim for the BGB is to create an art event for the community in the community.

Sara Monagnan Curatorial

I work with a variety of media including drawing, painting, sculptural assemblage and performance. 

My project work constructs places and spaces for contemporary art and artists to interact together with audiences and has most notably taken the form of curatorial project The Back Garden Biennale which brings contemporary art across a range of media to suburban spaces across Edinburgh and further afield, and has included The Suburban Pavilion a space which operated as a place for exhibitions, contemporary art performance events and regular artists’ salon meetings called 7@7 which in turn led to the organisation of an artists’ collective entitled Social Studio.  I  currently work with a team of artists who support adults with learning disabilities to develop and produce creative work and visual theatre. 

My visual art practice often explores the interrelations between the psychological and social evident through my personal biography, domestic life and in the workplace devising narrative that often focus on forms of labour, craft and workmanship, production and process.  In my performance work, which is influenced by Bobby Baker and The Icelandic Love Corporation, I use forms imitation and humour to further investigate these themes, while also inviting and engaging with ideas of presence and audience participation.

Read more on Sara’s practice at http://saramonaghan.com/